About GoGreen Account Protection System

Our account protection system will help Gogreen to keep track of our partners' requests for price protection. Our main objective is to try to reward our genuine Kaspersky partners to give them the advantage in closing the sales. The system will track for new potential customer accounts, requests for renewal and upgrade as well. However, accounts are not necessary locked on a first come first serve basis. Our Gogreen Sales will verify the details first and might have to confirm with the end user before making a decision to lock. Once it is locked, it will not be changed anymore.

When should one register for new projects?

Before considering to register, please ensure that your company is the creator of the project. If you are not the creator of the project, please check whether the customer is working with one already. So, if the customer is working with another partner, please do not register. Also, this project must be more than 100 units in any combination of Kaspersky Open Spaces (e.g. 50KWS, and 60KBS=110units).

If one is the creator, we will advise one to register immediately on one or more of the following conditions only:

1. The customer is really interested in Kaspersky and prefer Kaspersky
2. The customers is requesting for a quotation
3. The customer is requesting for a proof of concept
4. The customer is asking for Kaspersky TOR for drafting

Any registrations will be in the system for only 90days. Thereafter, the entry will be deleted and may need to be re-registered again, irregardless of the entry status.

Also, we would like to emphasise that even if one did the presentation and test or POC(Proof of concept), it does not mean it is still lock after 90days. One can only register a maximum of 2 times per customer. We expect our partner to work closely with the customer to ensure they have all details like budget and purchase date to improve one's chance of closing the sale within 90days forecast.

When should one register for upgrade or renewal projects?

One can only register for upgrade or renewal protection, if one is the original seller of Kaspersky to that company. Otherwise, no protection will be offered. One must register not later than 26 days before the actual expiry of the customer's license to be entitled for immediate locking.

What if the project is locked and the sales cannot be closed?

As we have said before, the account protection is meant for Gogreen to help sincere partners. However, we want our partners to be very certain of their chances before asking the project to be locked. If we agree to lock and the partner cannot close the sales, we will then unlock and delete all the other partner's cases in the system and ban them from registration for the next 90days. This is because account protection is a very time consuming process to check and we want sincere registration to facilitate the locking as soon as possible.